Vicky, 17, i miss summer.
i love everythingg except college.


when you faceplant in the middle of the o2 academy and everyone is surrounding you and then dont make an attempt to get up so your just lay there like a starfish. my life.

just beginning to stress over results. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CANT HANDLE THIS MY TUMMY IS ALL FLIPPY AND I WANT TO CRY. Why am i so nervous? :((((

How stupid do these rioters have to be right now?!

They are causing so much damage that will cost the government millions to repair. The reason they are rioting is because the government cant afford to give them luxuries such as EMA. HOW IS DRAINING THE COUNTRIES MONEY GOING TO SOLVE THE FACT THAT THEYRE NOT GETTING EMA. omg fooools.


silly fucking thoughts. this is due to boredom.